MagiCare 75% Alcohol Wipes (single pack , 10 wipes)


Buy MagiCare 75% Alcohol Wipes (single pack , 10 wipes)

Magicare 3ply face masks, Safety Kit, Hand Gloves, Sanitizers, Disinfectant and PPE Manufacturer, Wholesaler, and Distributor in the USA.


75% Ethyl Alcohol Four 10ct Soft Packs. Keep hands clean and protected with MagiCare sanitizing wipes


Kills most common germs that may cause illness Two formulas for a variety of uses: -MagiCare 75% alcohol formulation cleans and sanitizes -Alcohol-free pine-scented disinfecting wipes add a subtle freshness to your home or office.


Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 75%
Inactive Ingredient: Ro Pure Water
Purpose: Antimicrobial
Material: Spunlaced Non-woven
Count: 10 wipes

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