BYD CARE Single Use Disposable 3ply facemask, ASTM Level 3, Daily protection for men and women for Home, Office, School, Restaurants, Gyms, Outdoor and Indoor, Box of 50 PCs

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BYD CARE Surgical 3ply Facemask Product Features


  1. 50pcs of 3ply facemasks are contained in the box, and each 10 pcs are individually wrapped for convenience, travel, and distribution.
  2. Easy to breathe and comfortable to wear for day-to-day activities;
  3. One-size-fit-the-most design with adjustability to different users;
  4. 3 layers of high-quality non-woven fabric: breathable materials to provide comfort;
  5. Soft and comfortable to wear;
  6. Smooth and breathable;
  7. Easy to use, convenient to distribute, safe to store.


BYD CARE Surgical 3ply Facemask (level 3), Box of 50 PCs

Single-use surgical 3ply facemask, carefully designed and engineered by the BYD R&D group, provides a soft, skin-friendly, comfortable wearing experience for all-day usage. The BYD CARE single-use 3-ply surgical masks are adjustable; put the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin.

  • 3-Ply Construction
  • Comfortable Ear-loops
  • Sturdy Nose Clip
  • Easy to use, convenient to distribute, safe to store


Using Scenarios and Applications

BYD CARE single-use 3ply facemasks are disposable, convenient-to-use for the public in a variety of scenarios, for both personal needs, public mandates, and work requirements.

Widely used all over the world, people can wear the 3ply facemask on a day-to-day basis within indoor and outdoor environments, such as hospitals, clinics, schools, offices, public transportation, grocery stores, shopping malls, parks, restaurants, warehouses, and in the general public. Works in all seasons and in all weather conditions (foggy, windy, dusty, etc.).

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