MagiCare Antibacterial Hand Soap, Liquid Clear Unscented Moisturizing Gentle Handsoap, Sulfate and Paraben Free, Safe for Sensitive Skin, with Pump, for Home, Kitchen, Bathroom (8 oz)

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MagiCare Antibacterial Hand Soap, Liquid Clear Unscented Moisturizing Gentle Handsoap, Sulfate, and Paraben Free, Safe for Sensitive Skin, with Pump, for Home, Kitchen, Bathroom 

MagiCare deals with reliable, high-quality personal protection products. We are a Wholesaler, and Distributor in the USA of 3ply face masks, Face shields, Safety Kit, Hand Gloves, Sanitizers, disinfectants, and PPE.

CLEANSE WITH CONFIDENCE: Our antibacterial hand soap is the key to keeping germs at bay. With proper hand washing, this bathroom hand soap helps eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, while still maintaining a natural feel for those with sensitive skin and allergies. Washing your hands with liquid hand soap and water can greatly reduce the spread of illnesses like colds and flu.

UNIQUE MOISTURIZING FORMULA: This gentle antibacterial soap will keep your hands clean and leave them soft to the touch. We created our liquid soap with a unique formula to help skin stay soft instead of dry or chapped after washing.

PARABEN AND SULFATE FREE: We've made sure to only use ingredients in our antibacterial lotion soap that are safe and effective for contact with your skin. We have formulated our antibacterial hand soap without phthalates to ensure its harmless for you and your family. This hand soap liquid is free of paraben and sulfate, two chemicals that are known to cause cancer and sometimes harsh reactions such as skin rashes.

STURDY OVERSIZED HAND PUMP: Our kitchen hand soap is easy to use with a hand soap pump. The liquid hand soap pump on our antibacterial soap bottle is the most convenient way to dispense it quickly and efficiently. The unscented soap pump was designed to dispense the perfect amount of product to wash your hands. Simply apply one or two pumps of hand wash soap onto wet hands, rub your palms together vigorously until they foam up nicely, then rinse clean under running tap water!

MADE IN THE USA for your peace of mind, MagiCare anti-bacterial soaps are made in an FDA-registered facility that conforms to Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines. MagiCare Anti-Bacterial Hand Soaps have versatile uses at home as bathroom hand soap and kitchen hand soap and in commercial and industrial settings such as eateries and medical facilities.

Our liquid anti-bacterial hand soaps help eliminate 99.9% of bacteria while leaving a natural feel for those who have sensitive skin or allergies. Washing your hands regularly with unscented antibacterial soap can greatly decrease the spread of illnesses like colds/flu! Our antibacterial liquid hand soap was developed with a unique moisturizing formula to protect your skin from drying out after long periods of washing. Soap will no longer be the culprit for those stubborn dry patches on your hands! Our gentle and soothing unscented antibacterial hand soap leaves you feeling refreshed, clean, and rejuvenated. We use only safe and effective ingredients in our safe hand soap. We've created paraben and sulfate-free clear hand soap that's gentle on your skin, so you can feel confident using it for yourself or the people who matter most to you! Simply pump out a few pumps of our liquid soap onto wet hands and rub them together vigorously until they foam up. Rinse clean under running tap water, and you are ready for anything that comes next in your day! The hand soap for sensitive skin is safe, effective, and our products are made with high-quality ingredients! MagiCare stands out from competitors due to our Made in USA soap's outstanding quality. We're confident you'll love it as much as we do! Contact us if, for any reason at all you don't like your purchase, we will make it right. Antibacterial handwashing soap will have you feeling cleaner and healthier instantly. Buy anti-bacterial soap now!

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