Important Details to Know When Buying 3-Ply Masks

Important Details to Know When Buying 3-Ply Masks

You might be thinking that all masks are the same and provide you some protection. Well, that’s not true. When it comes to the 3-ply mask, you have a diverse range of options. However, not every product is best for you and your family. You need something that gives you maximum protection from the harmful pollutants and agents in the air or environment.

For this reason, we have mentioned some things you need to look at while purchasing a mask. Read the article further if you want to learn these factors.

How to Choose the Ideal PPE/3-Ply Mask?

Understand Face Mask Levels

The first and most important thing you need to look for in a mask is whether it is a “General Use” or “ASTM” Rated mask. General Use masks are great for filtering dust and large droplets, but ASTM rated masks offer you maximum protection from viruses and other germs. We will discuss ASTM ratings in a moment.

Most importantly, all quality 3-ply mask levels help prevent germs from spreading and affecting other people around you. Generally, individuals working on the healthcare frontline opt for face masks that are at least rated ASTM Level 1 like this MagiCare Made in USA Mask.

The American Society for Testing and Materials, or ASTM, has standards for mask safety and quality. According to ATSM standards, a masks filtration efficiently and quality range from level 1 to level 4.

MagiCare Made in USA Blue ASTM Level 1 Mask

The ASTM tests 3-ply masks by looking at five measures:

  • BFE: Bacterial Filtration Efficiency: Measure how efficient the mask is at filtering out bacteria
  • PFE: Particle Filtration Efficiency: Measures how well the mask filters sub-micron particulate
  • Breathability: Relates to how well air moves through the mask layers
  • Fluid resistance: Tests how quickly a mask absorbs liquid
  • Flame spread: Tests how quickly a bask burns when exposed to flame

You Want a Strong Nose Bridge           

If you want to prevent pathogens from entering your body, you need to cover your nose and mouth completely. This is because these areas are common passages for germs to enter your body. You need to create a barrier so that bacteria and viruses stay away from your nose and mouth. In this case, an appropriate nose piece in a face mask is important for you.

MagiCare Made in USA Black Nose Bridge

However, look for the nose pieces that you can adjust according to the size and shape of your nose. Besides keeping the particles from entering or escaping the mask, it also prevents glasses from fogging.

Comfortable Ear Loops Are a Must

Most people feel irritated and uncomfortable while wearing a mask for a long period of time. This usually happens because of low-quality material that causes itching or pressure around the ear. Depending on the 3-Ply mask you purchase, its ear loops can also be too tight for your face structure. The continuous pressure on your ears may be the reason that forces you to adjust the mask throughout the day.

MagiCare Made in USA Black Stretch Ear Loop

This is why you should opt for a face mask with loops that contain soft, stretchy materials. MagiCare offers a variety of masks with comfortable ear loops in our Amazon Store.

MagiCare Made in USA Black Soft Ear Loop

Breathability Matters for Long Wear Times

If you plan to wear a mask for more than five minutes at a time, it’s important that your mask keeps you safe without feeling like it’s suffocating you. The breathability of your chosen mask is another factor that you need to consider. A high quality 3-ply mask will filter particulate while only slightly restricting the flow of air.

MagiCare Pink Enhanced Breathability

Look for the masks that promote easy breathing while still holding a high safety rating.

Water-Resistance Repels Droplets that Carry Viruses

Medical masks help you to prevent droplets of water from entering or escaping your mouth or nose. This is why you need a mask that has water-resistant properties.

A high-quality 3-ply mask has:

  • A thoughtfully designed outer layer that repels liquid and droplets
  • A moisture absorbing inner layer to catch your breath
MagiCare Mask Materials

You can easily test whether a mask works properly at home. Fold your mask, shaping its outer layers as a bowl. Now, pour some water into it as a test. If the mask is holding the water, then it is a highly water-resistant mask. If not, look for other options.

The Inner Lining is the Filter

Look for a face mask that has a protective inner layer. They are called “3-Ply” because there should be three layers including the filter. The best filter material has anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties. This layer is responsible for keeping almost every type of harmful pathogen away from your nose and mouth. Look for meltblow-nonwoven filters as this is the only material that can pass ASTM tests.

MagiCare Inner Liner

Cheap masks often use an additional cloth layer instead of a filter which is basically worthless. This is good reason to look for name brands like MagiCare that provide you premium quality masks that are comfortable, durable, and easy to use.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Using Face Masks

When you find the best PPE mask for you and your family, you need to know some important tips and tricks to use them. This way, you will be able to get the maximum benefit from your mask and secure yourself from chronic conditions. Let’s take a look at the do's and don'ts of using a mask.


  • Opt for another mask if it gets splashed or sprayed on
  • Change your mask immediately if it becomes too moist
  • Discard the mask after wearing it (Don’t reuse 3-ply masks!)


  • Pull your mask below the chin or nose when around others
  • Touch your mask with dirty hands
  • Share your mask with anyone else

Bottom Line

If you want to protect yourself and your family, you need to invest in good quality 3-ply mask.

Look for masks with:

  • Genera Use or ASTM rating
  • Comfortable ear loops
  • Adjustable nose bridges
  • Water-resistant layers
  • Meltblown-Nonwoven filters

Visit the MagiCare Amazon Store to review multiple options for comfortable, durable, and easy to use 3-ply masks.


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