MagiCare USA Flag 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks


MagiCare USA Flag 3-Ply Disposable Face Masks

MagiCare deals with reliable, high-quality personal protection products. We are a Wholesaler, and Distributor in the USA of 3ply face masks, Face shields, Safety Kit, Hand Gloves, Sanitizers, disinfectants, and PPE.


👌 CONVENIENT PACKAGING: 5 Convenient & Hygienic 10ct Facemask Packs in a 50ct box. Put a pack in your purse, car, office, and backpack to ensure you are protected everywhere you go!

🛡️ 3 LAYER PROTECTION: Three Effective Filter Layers made of soft non-woven material for comfort and a High Filtration melt is blown middle layer for maximum 3ply protection. The inner layer is designed for comfort and to keep things Cool and Moisture Free! American Flag Print

😷 BREATHABLE & COMFORTABLE: Made of High Quality Material that is Extra Soft. Designed for Long Term Wearing, Not too Thick not too Thin!

💪 STRONG/ BENDABLE NOSE BRIDGE: Nose Piece is a stronger, more dependable nose wire to hold shape longer and contours the shape of your face for Maximum Protection.

👂 SOFT EARLOOPS: Ear Loops won't break easily VS other cheap disposable masks. Ear Loops are highly stretchable, non-latex soft elastic materials that are made to last. This American flag print mask is suitable for Men and Women and designed to fit Adults, Small or Large Faces.

🗽 Celebrate independence day in style! Add to cart to experience these highly comfortable, soft & breathable disposable Patriotic Design face masks by MagiCare!


3-Ply melt-blown non-woven fabric High filtration efficiency blocks bacteria, dust, smoke, and pollen -Layer 1: Blocks airborne particles -Layer 2: High filtration -Layer 3: Soft layer for comfort Adjustable metal nose bridge fits seamlessly with all face shapes and holds the position for increased protection Breathable materials make it easy to inhale or exhale without contamination Latex & fiberglass free soft odorless & non-irritating, suitable for sensitive skin


Filtration: > 95% Standard: General Use Shelf Life: 2 years Color: USA Flag Model: MSKMGCUSA

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